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The most important ROC compliances for OPC is yearly Annual return filing, issue of Share certificate, maintenance of Statutory registers and minutes book. 

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  • OPCs have many compliance exemptions in comparison to Private limited companies. However, basic compliances as given in new companies Act is a must. Many OPC are unable to keep up with the filing due dates and end up paying heavy penalties.
    We believe in strong follow-up and reminder system to ensure that your filings are done on time.
  • Every Entrepreneur has to focus on the business and leave the legalities to able and trusted hands. Thousands of Startups have trusted Startupwala for their legal needs.
  • There are lot of cost savings under AMC. Explained in the quote.

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There are many privileges for a OPC in comparison to a Private Limited company, in terms of exemptions for single director OPC from maintenance of Minutes book, Statutory registers and Annual general meeting.

  • Filing of Annual returns via Form MGT 7 & Form AOC 4
  • Maintenance of Minutes book for multiple director OPCs
  • Maintenance of Minutes book and Statutory registers
  • Timely issue of Share certificates
  • Yearly Disclosure of Interest by Directors
  • ROC Filing for Event based compliances as given below
  • Issue or new Allotment of Shares
  • Change of name and Main objects of the Company
  • Appointment & Resignation of Directors
  • Transfer of Shares
  • Appointment of MD or CEO
  • Change in the Registered Office
  • Change in the Authorized Capital/ Paid-up Capital
  • Charge registration upon taking secured loan
  • Drafting Resolutions for various meetings
  • Changes in DIN.

In case of a single director OPC company Board of director meeting is exempted. However, in case of a OPCs having more than one director, board of directors meeting to be held as per provisions of the Companies Act 2013.


No, as there is a single shareholder in an OPC, there is no need of an AGM.